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Bon Secour Fisheries, Inc. carries a large assortment of different fish from around the world. No, we don’t stock everything, but we do carry the most popular species plus a wide array of specialty items. So, whether you need Alligator Baby Back Ribs, Snow Crab, Snapper Fillet, Octopus, Tuna, or Whiting, you can be sure we have it. See the following product listing for your specific needs. And if you don’t see what you need, we can usually source it for you (subject to seasonal availability and weight restrictions).



What good is price if the quality isn’t there? We’ve all asked that question and with good reason. Your business depends on repeat customers, and so does ours. That’s why we inspect EVERYTHING that we buy and sell. We have numerous suppliers from around the world, and they work diligently to pack to our exacting specifications. Unlike many distributors whose sales people never see what they sell, ours see it all. We also employ a staff of in-house Quality Control Inspectors who spend every working day smelling, weighing, counting, prodding, cooking, and tasting seafood. That’s all they do. If it doesn’t pass our rigorous testing specifications, we reject it. Unfortunately, we can’t inspect every single box, carton, or case, but that’s why if you aren’t satisfied, we aren’t either and we’ll promptly credit you for all unused product. We stand behind our products with service that never ends.

Specialty Items

Bon Secour Fisheries, Inc. carries an assortment of specialty and convenience items designed to save you time and money without sacrificing quality or flavor. We have worked with our vendors to have them produce the best quality items at affordable prices.


Alligator Block Frozen
     Farm Raised, Tenderized, White Meat  
     Retail    Printed bag     IVP 12/1#
     Food Service              IVP 4/5#
Catfish    USA IQF
     Shank Fillet           3-5 oz, 5-7 oz, & 7-9 oz 1/15#
     Whole Dressed    2-6 oz, 5-8 oz 1/15#
     Nuggets 1/15#
     Cajun Seasoned   5-7 oz Filet 1X10#
Clams IQF
     Little Neck         Sewansecott Brand 100 count
Clam Strips     IVP Block Frozen
     Unbreaded, Raw 10/5#
Cod, Skinless/Boneless   Frozen at Sea   Product of Iceland Shatterpack
     Filet 16-32 oz    Fas 3/20#
     Fillet 32-Up oz   Fas 3/20#
Crab Meat    Fresh & Frozen      Product of USA  
     Jumbo Lump 16 oz
     Lump 16 oz
     Claw Meat 16 oz
     Cocktail Fingers 16 oz
Crab Meat    Imported Pastuerized       Product of Thailand  
     Jumbo Lump 12/1#
     Lump 12/1#
     Claw Meat 12/1#
     Cocktail Fingers 12/12 oz
Crab, Dungeness Soldier Pack
     Clusters, Alaska/Pacific N.W. 1/25#
Crab, King  
     Legs & Claws, RED & GOLD, 14-17, 16-20, 20-24, 20up counts 1/20#
Crab, Snow (Brine frozen) Soldier Pack
     5-8 oz. & 8 up oz. Opilio Canadian 1/30# 
     5-8 oz. & 8-Up      Royal Greenland 1/20#
     5-up oz, 8-up oz. 1/40#
Crab, Soft Shell (Dressed Blue Crabs)  Domestic & Import Individually Wrapped
     Colossal 4/.5 doz.
     Whale 10/1.5 & 4/.75 doz.
     Jumbo 10/2 & 4/1 doz.
     Prime 10/3 & 4/1 doz.
     Hotel 10/4 & 4/1.5 doz.
     Tail Meat 80/100, 100/150, 150/200 counts Vac-Pac 24/1#
     Whole Cooked  IQF 
          Premium (15-20 ct.) Chinese  2/5#
          Premium (15-22 ct.) Leo’s Spain  1/10#
Flounder/Sole (H & G) Individually Wrapped
     Dressed Flounder 8-10, 10-12, 12-14, 14-16, and 16-20 oz.,       Domestic 1/25#
     4 oz  Filet 1/10#
     8 oz  Filet 1/10#
Frog Legs VacPac or Individually Wrapped
     4-6 pair 6/5#
Grouper Fillet (Skinless/Boneless) Individually Wrapped
     6-8 oz     IVP 1/10#
     8-10 oz   IVP 1/10#
Lobster Tails      Warm Water #1 Individually Wrapped
     5 oz 4/10#
     6 oz 4/10#
     8 oz 4/10#
     12-14 oz 4/10#
     2-4 oz IQF Pieces 1/10#
     4 oz   Vac Pack 1/10#
     8 oz   Vac Pack 1/10#
Mussels (Farm Raised)  
     In the shell, Canadian Blue Vac-Pac 5/2#
     Green ½ shell, N. Zealand IQF 12/2#
Salmon Vac-Pac
     8 oz   Portion   IVP    Keta/Chum 1/10#
     1-3 lb    Filet    Skin-On   Sockeye 1/25#
Scallops     Processed Block & IQF
     U-10      IQF    USA 2/5#
     10-20     IQF    USA 2/5#
     20-30     IQF    USA 2/5#
     30-40     IQF    PERU 2/5#
     80-100   IQF    CHINA 6/5#
Snapper Fillet (Sknls/Boneless) Individually Wrapped
     8-10 oz  Filet  India  Natural 1/10#
                          (Scarlet/Skin On)  
     10-20 oz     Filet     Indonesia 1/10#
     20-30 oz     Filet     Indonesia 1/10#
Squid/Calamari Tray Pack
     Tubes & Tentacles 3-5 inch (Loligo) 20/2.5#
Imitation Crabmeat (From Alaska Pollock) Vac-Pac
     Flake 12/2.5#
Tilapia (Skinless/Boneless) Farm-raised Individually Wrapped
     3-5, 5-7, 7-9, and 9-11oz. 1/10#
Tuna, Yellowfin (Boneless) Vac-Pac
     Steaks Regular & Ahi 6, 8, & 10 oz 2/10#
     5-7 lb    Loin    IVP 1/20#
     8-12 lb  Loin    IVP 1/44#
Clam Strips, Breaded Breaded 24/4 oz. & 2/3# Bulk
Crawfish Patties Cajun 3 oz. (18/box) 1/6 bx
Crab Cakes 4 oz. Maryland Style (12/box) 1/4 bx
Crabmeat Stuffing Regular & Premium, Retail Pack 12/1#
Stuffed Crab (In Natural Shell)  
     2 oz. (18/box) & 3 oz. (12/box) 1/6 bx
     3 oz. Ind. Wrapped (24/box) & 5 oz. bulk pack (50/box) 1/1 bx
Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers (with claw meat) Regular 1-1.5 oz. ea.  1/6 bx
     (3 lb./box)  
Hushpuppies Regular & Jalapeno 2/5#
Seafood Gumbo with Shrimp (Cajun recipe) Tubs and cups
     Gallons, Quarts 1/4, 1/12 each
     Gumbo Base     Retail     Old South 12/3#
     Gumbo Base     Roodservice     Old South 4/6#
Shrimp & Crabmeat Bisque Boil-in-bag, and cups
     Gallons, Quarts 1/4, 1/12 each