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Since 1896, Bon Secour Fisheries, Inc. has been providing the highest quality seafood to restaurants, wholesalers, distributors, and seafood markets. It’s the kind of quality you expect to find from a company who has been in the seafood business for more than 100 years.



Whether it’s Head-On or Headless Shell-On, Peeled & Deveined, Butterfly or Round, Tail-On; Bon Secour Fisheries has the shrimp you are looking for and the quality and packs you need. To maintain the flavor and freshness our customers expect, our shrimp are carefully packed under strict quality control conditions.



Bon Secour Fisheries gives you consistent product quality with the guaranteed weights and counts you deserve. We own and operate our own fleet of shrimp trawlers that unload their catch at our dock daily – so we control the catch, which ensures you get quality products. Our other suppliers know Bon Secour Fisheries will only accept first quality products. Our in-house quality control laboratory inspects all incoming products to ensure you get top quality shrimp every time.



Tired of wondering when your product will arrive? Scheduled deliveries by our courteous, professional drivers will arrive on our fleet of refrigerated trucks. Plus, they know the products that they are carrying and know how to take care of them. We can deliver your products to your door, each week -- no more guess work. That is service you can count on!







Bon Secour brand



A true premium pack of domestic shrimp

Headless Shell-On

10/5# Block

U/8 - 91/100

Brown, White, Pink

Shrimpsters, Shell-On

10/5# Block

Xlg Pcs - Xsm Pcs

Brine frozen on the boat

King O’ Seas brand



The benchmark brand for peeled shrimp.


10/5# Block

41/50 - 150/UP

Seasonally produced, but we keep a year round inventory

Peeled & Deveined

10/5# Block

16/20 - 71/90


High Quality Value Added Products



Peeled & Deveined

4/5# Bag IQF

16/20 - 51/60

Tail-On or Tail-Off, Butterfly or Round;

Finished Count Sizing

Royal Red Shrimp

1/28# IQF

10/15, 16/20, 21/25

Head-On, deep water Gulf shrimp

Cooked Salad Shrimp

4/5# IQF


Peeled, USDC Inspected